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I ordered a make-up brush set from coco cosmetics on line on 29/08/2009. The money was deducted from my account however despite it's promise to ship in 3-5 days, i still haven't received my purchases. I have emailed them twice and left a message via an international phone call and have received no response at all.

I am very disappointed and feel this company is ripping people off yet claim to provide excellent customer service. I definately don't recommend them and warn people about buying from them.

Very disgruntled Emma from Western Australia

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This is really helpfull for me, I was thinking in getting one of the coco's brushes set, but the page seem to be weird and not serious so I decided to looked for information about, lucky me.

I recomend I get my brush kit and its exactly how it looked in the page.

Evandale, South Australia, Australia #159218

I ordered 72 bucks worth of product and it never showed up. No response from company despite repeated attempts.


Continually ignored my calls and emails. Until I sent an angry (but perfectly legal - eg chargeback, bbb, etc.) text message - He finally called back sounding startled as if I had threatened bodily harm.

The item is backordered (discontinued) and so I asked to please cancel it. Why couldn't he punch the "Reply" button a month ago and tell me this in the first place?

The main number listed all over the website is actually a cellphone that accepts text messages. It is so *** in that it has an automated reply that says "Send more info." and I reply with the order information, and he ignores it and never calls or replies.


i paid over 500.00 and only recieved part of my order still waiting on the pro deluxe kit which was 169.00 and have not recieved it but i paid for it its been over a year and they just keep on ignoring me and do not answer the phone number they provided badly ripped off will never do buisness with then ever again


I also ordered from Coco Cosmetics. On December 5 2009.

On the 7th I received an e-mail saying that shipment was send . Never received the item.

Called all the phone numbers , they are either disconnected or cannot leave a message. Do not buy from them.

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Coco Cosmetics - Coco martinelli cosmetics

Washington, District Of Columbia 4 comments
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this company is a ripp off i ordered over 500.00 worth of merchandise they said they had to ship seperately my items i recieved my case ups my eyeshadow set and brushes fed ex but my last order was supposed to be a pro deluxe makeup kit and free gifts which i did not recieve at all i paid using paypal and sice coco sent paypal a shipping conformation number from the makeup case ups i already recieved they said they could not help me and favored for coco cosmetics which is bull *** does that mean if someone buys something from me i can send an empty box then as long as i provide the buyer a tracking # and prove the empty box was sent then paypal agrees with me the customer got it I think not now not only will I not buy from coco martinelli which lied ill also never use paypal again either i got ripped of 169.00 for my pro deluxe makeup kit and free gifts that i never recieved and they quit writing me they have 3 emails and 2 phone numbers and you cant get ahold of them there either buyer beware Do not buy from them ever .

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Monetary Loss: $169.



I got ripped off too, contacted my bank and was able to get my money back. I reported it as fraud then filed a complaint with IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) :(


unfortunately no so i lost out ill never order there again though


Did you use your credit card to make the PayPal payment (which is the only way to safely use PayPal)? If so, file for a credit card chargeback.


:( they claim they shipped it when they did not been over a month basically i might as well forget it im out of 169.00

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